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Sarah Bickerton

University of Auckland
Auckland, NZ

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Sarah Hendrica Bickerton is a lecturer in the Public Policy Institute at the School of Social Science, University of Auckland. She is a sociologist whose research involves policy and political concerns around gender and technology. In 2020, She completed her PhD in the School of Government at Victoria University of Wellington looking at how New Zealand women Twitter users construct political participation, and her Masters research was on community formation in an email-based mailing list. She has taught social theory, the sociology of gender, and sociological policy to undergraduates in Chicago in the US, and has tutored at multiple levels of public policy here in New Zealand.

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Monday, October 12

13:00 NZDT

Tuesday, October 13

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Wednesday, October 14

14:40 NZDT

15:20 NZDT

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17:10 NZDT

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